Selected essays, interviews, and criticism

Different Imaginings

My conversation with novelist Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer about Speak Softly Brother for the Hamilton Review of Books, August 2023.

Silence We Inherit

My conversation with novelist Eva Stachniak about The School of Mirrors for Hazlitt, September 2022.


Essay on flight and loss for the Queen’s Quarterly, December 2021.

The Crown Erased Black People

My profile of Jamaican Canadian playwright/actor Marcia Johnson for Chatelaine, July 2021.

We Can Be Heroes

Essay on pandemic courage for Globe and Mail Opinion, March 13, 2021.

The women will write their own stories

My conversation with Miriam Toews about Women Talking, LA Review of Books, April 2019.

Such Is the Power of Music: An Interview with James Rhodes

My conversation with James Rhodes about Instrumental for LA Review of Book, June 2017.


Look up: Interview with Julia Zarankin about Field Notes from an Unintentional Birder, Hamilton Review of Books, Fall 2020.

James Rhodes paves a path toward the sacred and the profane at Koerner Hall: Review of The Beethoven Revolution with pianist James Rhodes for the Globe & Mail, March 6 2020.

Such is the power of music: my conversation with James Rhodes for the LA Review of Books, June 2017.

Essay homage to my literary mothers for ManyGenderedMothers, October 2017.

A chatty, intimate biography: Review of The Great Gould by Peter Goddard for The Globe and Mail, Nov 2017.

Burden of Proof: my profile of Métis activist Chelsea Vowel, aka âpihtawikosisân for Eighteen Bridges, December 2012.

Winner—Silver, Society category, 2012 National Magazine Awards
Winner—Silver, Profile category, 2013 Showcase Awards

The fantastic words of Guy Gavriel Kay: my interview for the LA Review of Books, August 2016.

Following the intensity of signals: Interview with Alissa York about The Naturalist for Hazlitt, April 2016.

What I was flying towards: my conversation with Helen Macdonald for the LA Review of Books, April 2015.

Sanatoriums of the Mind: Curated video essay for Ryeberg, Spring 2011.

Shelagh Rogers in the guest chair:

My podcast conversation for Project Bookmark, 2013.